Monday, 26 August 2013

Is there anybody out there!?!?!?!?!?!

Let me start by saying how ashamed I am that I haven't posted since April but in my defence all the projects I've been working on were presents so had nothing I could post until I'd given them to their prospective owners!!

Now I know what you're thinking Mel, THE JUMPER! Well below is where the project (nearly a year on) currently stands. Perth's winter is rapidly coming to a close and it still remains a vest which is minus a neckline. 

For now though I'm going to concentrate on the projects I've actually completed. Thanks to lots of new arrivals among friends and family I've been kept very busy with lots of baby projects. First up is the arrival of my beautiful niece Kate. Knowing my tendency of loosing interest (see paragraph above) I started her gift as soon as I heard she was on the way.

As I didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl I chose a lovely Naturally Hand Knit Yarn in green. It's a 70% Merino and 30% Angora mix New Zealand wool and it's so soft. I made a Debbie Bliss hooded blanket from her The Baby Knits Book. The booties were a free pattern on the TLC website.

Next was a baby blanket for my friend Tash's baby shower. I really like lace stitch so I decided to give it a go. I used Moda Vera Marvel 12ply wool in White and a Pine Forest Baby Blanket by Ingrid Aartun from Ravelry. It was a really easy pattern to follow and I would highly recommend it as a first lace project. I will definitely be knitting another one.

After much head scratching as to what I could knit my dad (clothes not being my forte...yet!) I found a knitted microphone pattern by Amalia Samios that I knew would be perfect! It was quick to knit and everybody who saw it had to have a go! 

Testing one, two, testing!!!

As usual I have lots of projects on the go. Most I can't show you at the moment but I'm making some stars for my wall to brighten the place up for winter!
One done, two to go!

And last but not least I've made another craft investment. Yes a sewing machine :)  It is by far the most gorgeous thing I own. It's a Singer 160 and I'm slowing teaching myself how to use it. If only I had you here. I've loaded the bobbin so I'm getting there!!!! Hopefully I'll have a completed project for my next post (no pressure!).
Well Melly that's what I've been up to. I will NOT leave it so long next time. I might even have something small for you to post here shortly! What have you been up to? Any nice things to share?

Cally x x x x

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