Monday, 8 April 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaa -ck! (an obligatory wool reference!)

Greetings from a scorching Perth and before you ask, my jumper project still isn't finished. It came on our Easter trip to Margaret River but it never left my knitting bag. In my defence the 34 degree temperatures don't inspire me to knit a wooly jumper!! I did however finish my other half-worked projects so there will be no more excuses from here on.

I'm so glad you liked all your birthday presents.The daffodils were a challenge for me but I was really happy with the result. The pattern is from Susie Johns' Knitted Flowers (Twenty to Make) book. They were my first project on double pointed needles. It was awkward to get the hang of at first but I was surprised how quickly I got used to them. Will definitely be knitting some more.


Big congratulations to Fergal and Eavan on the arrival of baby Maisie. What an excellent excuse to do some tiny person knitting! These baby booties are a Bernat pattern I downloaded for free. The pattern is for 3-6 months so I changed the recommended 3.75mm needles for 3.25mm for newborn size and I think they look great.
I hope they fit :)
Last but not least I've invested in a new stamp set and I've been customising everything I can get my hands on! Even George's Easter parcel got a make over. I bought more ink pads in different colours at the weekend so nothing is safe now!

Stayed tuned when on May 1st I'll be blogging about my finished jumper. There, I've said it so now it HAS to happen! Then I can finally get onto the hundreds of patterns I've earmarked and crocheting and sewing! 

Happy Monday Melly.

Love Cal x x x x

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  1. how adorable! i have nominated you for the liebster award!

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