Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hahahaha I hate to laugh but hahahaha

Oh Cal what are we like?

Did we ever envision that in our 'old age' we'd have reverted back to what our mothers tried to teach us all our lives. I hate to admit it but I don't think I'll ever be as talented as my mother when it comes to sewing and knitting. She was taught to knit at age 6 by her grandmother and back then there were no distractions like the Internet, Mobile Phones and of course Laziness!!!

My mother made her bridesmaids dresses for her wedding. You might think, ya how bad until you find out that she had 7 sisters. I wish I had a photo of those dresses.
My dad was well prepared for his 4 daughters by the time we came along. 

She then went on to knit the Christening gown that has been passed around our extended family for over 30 years. You can't really see the detail in the photo but trust me it is beautiful. My brother of course is doing it justice below, the diva that he is.

My bother Christopher in 1986
I think haha

The dress none of her daughters
will ever fit into 
She later handmade her Great Grand-Daughters Christening gown from her own wedding dress. 
My Grand Niece in 2010

Now now lets not get too carried away here, there were of course the disasters. 

Try your first day at secondary school and your handmade school skirt is not only a different style, different length but also a different shade of snot green. I could have cried, that is of course until I saw the tall girl with the bubble doc martins on. You looked the business even back then!

Then there are the Debs dresses. 
Oh mine was beautiful, my favourite colour purple, long and flowing. Pity I had to be sewn into it last minute and cut out of it the following morning. My mother didn't have time to put in a zip!
Maybe that was her idea of making sure I didn't take it off that night haha

I'm sure my sisters and extended family have many more stories about my 'last minute' mother.

I promise tomorrow I will have a crochet tutorial for you. I will show you how my mother showed me to hold the yarn. 

Until then babychains x


  1. Oh the memories. I had forgotten about our Debs night! Looking forward to your crochet tutorial and becoming a whizz at it....at last!