Monday, 25 February 2013


I hate to admit it but crochet has broken me ;)

I've spent hours at it today and finally produced this...

Yes a small square of (not very good) single crochet (sc) that has both lost and gained stitches in that small number of rows. I know, I have a gift!!!!! I've watched some really helpful videos online and read lots of books that all make sense but the minute I get a hook in my hand my digits just want to knit. I really should film myself trying to crochet, it would make very humours viewing. Anyway I know it's only practise and time so I need to be patient and keep trying. My aim is to make the fabulous Erika Knight merry, berry winter blanket from Issue 21 of Mollie Makes

On another note, I know I don't own a house but a book I found today makes me want to invest! It's a Country Living Book by Randy Florke called Restore.Recycle.Repurpose. It has great ideas on how to decorate or renovate a house with recycled and restored stuff. There are some great ideas in there so I'm taking notes just incase! 

So that's it little lady :) I hope to write with encouraging crochet news during the week. How are your projects going?

Cal x x x

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